Smog Check

Smog Check – (2000 and Newer Vehicles Only) $49.95 Includes Certificate Transfer

When smog check time comes around, many people just go to the first shop they drive past. But choosing a great service provider can make a difference in whether you pass or not.

Many smog shops are test only, which means that if your car does not pass for any reason, they are not authorized by the state to correct any problems before re-testing. That means that you would have to take your car to another shop to get the work done before returning to them for a re-test. Many consumers feel as we do, that this makes no sense at all. Save yourself time, energy, money and hassle by coming to us first. We are authorized by the state not only to perform the test, but to do any repair work that might be needed as well, which is just another reason why Temecula and Murrieta love the service we provide.

California Auto Centers, Inc. Smog Check